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Update: the site is back from the dead

posted by Nate-admin at 10:42pm on April 14, 2011

Sorry guys! Things got really hectic and we stopped posting for almost a YEAR! But I assure you we are getting the latest news for you. Expect some posts soon.

Glu to release Call of duty: black ops on mobile devices

posted by Nate-admin at 4:11pm on May 21, 2010

Today Glu Mobile announced their plans to bring Call of Duty: Black Ops on the mobile platforms, including both phones and smartphones. Don't worry those who are shouting at their computers "WHAT ABOUT THE COPYRIGHTS!!!!!", Glu has a partnership with Activision. Not much info is available at this moment, but we can expect to see it around Q4 2010 with the console release of the game. We at In Other will be keeping you updated throughout the whole year for this release.     

Halo reach: new invasion game mode

posted by Nate-admin at 5:48 on May 7, 2010

Today the Halo Reach: Beta got a new game mode for all beta-players to use... INVASION. It also introduce the new Boneyard map. Check out the video for more info. Expect more updates for the beta in the coming weeks! Good luck and hope to see you on the battlefield!


Halo reach beta!

posted by Nate-admin at 5:55aypm on May 4, 2010

edited by Technum at 7:00pm on May 4, 2010

Well the time has finally come folks! Well yesterday at least, but better late than never! The HALO: REACH multiplayer beta HAS BEGUN! All you need to get it is a copy of Halo: ODST and Xbox Live to join in the frantic multiplayer fray! Have fun!

posted by Technum at 7:00pm on May 4, 2010

I must say that the Halo:Reach Beta is everything any true FPS fan would want, and I'm saying this from experience of playing the Halo:Reach Beta.  Just by judging the Beta this will be the best multiplayer game in the world. I recommend reserving this game ASAP! I was informed a GameStop manager that Halo:Reach has been reserved by over 200 people in 3 days! This is definitely worth the money. For those wondering the Halo:Reach standard copy costs the usual $59.99.                                                                                                            The Limited edition costs $79.99 which includes

  • Game disc housed in recovered ONI "black box"
  • An exclusive Elite armor set for use in multiplayer modes
  • Artifact bag containing Dr. Halsey's personal journal and other classified documents and effects that unravel long-held secrets from the Halo universe.

 The Legendary edition costs $149.99 which includes

  • Noble Team statue expertly crafted by the artisans at McFarlane Toys. Individually molded, hand-painted and individually numbered, this statue is a must-have for any serious Halo fan
  • UNSC-themed custom packaging
  • An exclusive multiplayer Spartan armor effect                                                                                                                                   So start saving up the money and breaking out those piggy banks!

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